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ACNH May Day Maze Guide: How To Get The Maze Done?
Apr 30, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

May Day is coming soon, which means that the special event is about to begin. There is a maze in the center of the event for you to complete. You need to do some specific things and collect some specific items to find your way out again.

When will the May Day Event start?

The event will start at 5 a.m. on May 1st and will last until 5 a.m. on May 7th.

If you also want to participate, you need to make sure that you have installed the latest patch.

How to complete the maze?

First, you need to go to May Day Island, but it can only be visited once, so you will need to complete it when you arrive.

To get there, you need to find Tom Nook first, and he will provide you with the information you need before sending you to Dodo Airlines. When you meet Orville, he will give you a special May Day Ticket. You tell him that you want to choose "Use May Day Ticket".

When you arrive, you will be greeted by the maze, and you need to get out of it! You need to collect materials as you move forward in order to be able to access further sections. The best way is to pick up everything you find.

Maze guide

1. At the beginning, you need to use a shovel to dig up the bush on your left, some fruits will appear, eat the fruit, and then shovel the tree you saw nearby.

2. There is a hole right in front of you, jump over it, now you will see 3 pieces of wood, pick them up. Continue along this path, jumping the holes, until you line up just above the three holes.

3. Jump hole 3, pick up the materials you will encounter, and then jump back to where you are. Then do the same way with the second tree, you will see the second branch and an axe. After you jump back again, you need to walk west in the direction you came from until you meet another tree. At this time you can use that axe to cut down the tree, and then use a shovel to dig out the stump.

4. Pick up the branches and two pieces of fruit, and then walk to the center of the maze.

5. Go back to those three holes again, now you can jump the first hole. Once you have cleared the hole, continue to walk west along the path until you see a huge rock.

6. Eat a piece of fruit from your inventory, then smash the stone with a shovel, so you will find a piece of iron nugget that can be collected. Now go to the place where the three pieces of wood were before, there is another rock that needs to be smashed. The crushed rock will reveal more fruit and two DIY recipes - Flimsy Axe and Axe.

7. Continue along this path, you will see another tree, you can eat some fruit, destroy it, and then dig up the stump. Now you will see a DIY workbench, use it to craft a flimsy axe, and then upgrade to an axe.

8. Now go back to those three holes, jump over them, and you will come to another tree, chop them with an axe, and collect fruits. There will be a hole in the north, jump over it, follow this path, and you will return to the original three holes. Jump over the first one, and you will come to another tree and chop it down.

9. Now you will have a new hole to jump over, once you clear it, you will need to collect the last bit of fruit. Then jump the next hole, but make sure you don’t consume fruit yet.

10. Nearly the end, you will see three trees, use your tools to take them down. Now you have reached the end of the maze!

If you get lost at any time, use "!Rescue Service" and you will be sent to the start. But if you follow this guide, you will not get lost.

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