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ACNH: Shamrock Day Items Will Be Available In Limited Time

St. Patrick’s Day may not arrive until next Wednesday, but ACNH has started the celebration in advance, so you can get some limited-time items that can be decorated around your island.

Although there is no time limit for Mario-themed items, there is a time limit for the content of Shamrock Day, so if you want to collect all the items, you need to collect ACNH Bells as soon as possible. You can obtain these items from now until St. Patrick’s Day on March 17. Unsurprisingly, the designs of green and clover are very common, and each item fits the theme.

Like other ACNH events, the first three items can be found in Nook Shopping.

A Shamrock Doorplate is worth 1200 Bells, with "Welcome" engraved in Irish on the front.

Shamrock Soda is worth 1000 Bells, just like New Year's cider, you can make a cute toast animation while using this item.

Shamrock Rug is worth 1500 Bells, and you can spread colorful clover-shaped items on the floor of your home.

Only one item will appear every day, so you need to log in for three consecutive days to get all the items. You can also find a series of items in Able Sister’s shop, where the seamstress of the shop will provide you with some special clothes.

  • A bright green Shamrock Suit - 3000 Bells
  • A Shamrock Hat - 1320 Bells
  • Shamrock Sunglasses - 1100 Bells
  • Green and gold Shamrock Shoes - 1680 Bells

The last item in the Shamrock Day event requires you to break the balloon in hopes to get a recipe. Since the recipe is randomly dropped, you may need to use a slingshot(or not) to break some balloons. Finally, the Shamrock Wand will drop. It can be made with 3 basic star fragments and 3 clumps of weeds.

ACNH also provides a special Mario task where you can explore your island in the next few days. With the coming of Bunny Day, the Shamrock Day items will leave soon, so if you are interested, you can collect Animal Crossing Bells as soon as possible.

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