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ACNH: When Will Mario-Themed Items Be Available?
Feb 18, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Mario, Nintendo added Mario-themed items to ACNH. The new content will be released on February 25.

This update includes Mario and Luigi’s iconic costumes, as well as items like Bowser flags and building blocks, making the island feel more in line with this mustachioed plumber. The trailer that has been released shows impressive possibilities, from classic dungeon-themed items to villagers in costumes, this update will be free for all players. Other items include mushrooms, collectible coins, stars, Whomp blocks and bricks, as well as different rugs and murals that can be placed at your home. Although the update will take place on February 25th, Mario-themed items will be on sale through Nook Shopping on March 1.

Nintendo revealed this update earlier this year, although it was earlier than expected. ACNH continues to hold game events throughout the year to keep the game fresh. Earlier this week, players got the content of the carnival. ACNH was launched in March last year and became a cultural phenomenon. The past Festivale event also brought much new content to players, including new equipment, furniture, reactions, and the visitation of the special peacock NPC Pave, which allows you to collect feathers for themed rewards.

It should be noted that if the annual event is repeated, there will be more events in the next few months. ACNH players will usher in two repeating events in April: Cherry Blossoms and Bunny Day. We don’t know whether the specific details have changed from before, so we can look forward to it.

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