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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Awesome Changes Will Happen In Halloween!
Oct 12, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

Animal Crossing New Horizons' autumn update welcomes fans with Halloween-themed content and prepares them for the grand event on October 31.

Players have already prepared to collect spooky items, DIY recipes and costumes. At the same time, as the Halloween celebrations approach, more changes will take place in the coming weeks.

Around October 28th, Isabelle will start wearing the brown jacket she wears during the colder months. Perhaps the only change for Halloween is that she will wear a witch hat for every statement until November 1. Isabelle will be sporting the outfit inside Resident Services too.

In addition to Isabelle, many other characters will also dress up in the spirit of Halloween. Nook will wear red horns, Timmy and Tommy will wear animal hats that match the color of their fur.

As Halloween approaches, some pumpkin towers and bunting will appear in the nearby Resident Services. Combined with the pumpkin-themed items that players can craft, these decorations will bring a spooky atmosphere to the plaza and the entire island.

On the day of the Halloween event, players can unlock two new reactions, one from Jack and the other from their villagers. These two reactions are Haunt and Scare. These reactions will create a completely independent page, hinting at more reactions coming in the future to fill up the empty slots.

And the scenery on your island is gradually changing. In November, the color of grass and trees will change more drastically, indicating that autumn is fully unfolding. Also, throughout November, players will be able to collect mushrooms. Islanders will also notice that Tea Olive bushes blooming flowers around the same time of the year. If you want to witness it with your own eyes, you can buy Tea Olives on MMOWTS and plant them on your island.

If you still want to buy some Halloween themed items to decorate your island, but you don't have enough ACNH Bells, you can buy some cheap ACNH Bells on MMOWTS, this is the fastest way. Since Halloween is only a few weeks away, it is unrealistic for you to buy those items from the Animal Crossing Bells obtained through farming in the game. So to better welcome the arrival of Halloween, it is definitely a wise choice to prepare enough ACNH Bells.

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