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Animal Crossing: The new Apps players expect to see on NookPhone
Jul 29, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

For every Animal Crossing player, Nook Phone is very important in the game. Inquiring about biological information, collecting Nook miles, and island building are all inseparable from the Apps. Although the current Nook Phone already has the functions most players need, it can do better.

Daily island activities are full of fun, and some useful NookPhone Apps can help players better organize their schedules.

1. Weather Forecast App

One of the most attractive features of Animal Crossing is that the weather system on the island is very realistic, and players can see rain, snow and even rainbows.

But players cannot predict the weather conditions on the island. At this time, if NookPhone can bring the weather forecast, it can help players plan their trips very well. Players can choose their clothing according to the weather, or catch fish that only appear in certain weather to earn Animal Crossing Bells.

2. KK Music App

As an idol in the hearts of the villagers, KK Slider has always had a high topic on the island, and its varied music works are also a favorite collection of players. If there is a dedicated KK Music App, players can check the KK songs they own at any time, and order their favorite ones in the square on Saturday.

3. Calendar App

While players open Animal Crossing for the first time every day, they will see Isabelle announcing the news of the island. But this information is sometimes ignored. So a timetable app that can remind you of daily events will be a big help, where players can find out which NPC is available today, which villager to say hello to, or what activities they can participate in.

At the same time, in addition to the phone case design, players also expect to see more customization possibilities on the NookPhone, such as customized phone backgrounds and ringtones.

MMOWTS is a good partner in your Animal Crossing process, you can always visit this website and get more helpful information and services here.

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