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Diablo Immortal: Players suffer from Battle Pass bugs
Jul 28, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

The MMORPG Diablo Immortal, which has been criticized for a long time because of the pay-to-win mechanism, was brought to the forefront because of a system error. In yesterday's fan community, a large number of players reported that they were using the Battle Pass to complete various tasks. After the battle, you did not get the XP reward you deserved.

This seems to have been the case for a long time, with some fans on Reddit saying that they have been advancing the Battle Pass upgrade process since the beginning of July, but they have not received the XP rewards they have won. This means that since then, more than one million XP has been accumulated and has not been returned to players who have invested time and effort to fight.

Even more troubling, Blizzard announced on July 23 that it had released a patch that would return lost XP to players' mailboxes. But recently, reports of bugs are still popping up in the fan community multiple times. After players complete the relevant tasks, although they see the corresponding XP animation, the actual XP is not added to the XP Bar. This means that this fix lacks universality, resulting in only some players being compensated for their losses, others not receiving the rewards they deserve, and bugs continue to happen.

Diablo Immortal has always been controversial, and Blizzard has also expressed its attitude and is taking measures on the issue. Hope this issue will be resolved soon. MMOWTS also always pays attention to the rights and interests of Diablo Immortal players. If you want to get products such as Diablo Immortal Eternal Orb in the game at a lower price, be sure to visit

You are welcome to pay attention to MMOWTS, we will continue to bring you more useful game information. Stay tuned.

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