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D2 Resurrected: Immersion Mode Is Perfect For Halloween
Oct 28, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

With Halloween approaching, D2 Resurrected is the perfect game for it, and it brings players a new Halloween mode to try.

Although D2 Resurrected makes players feel dissatisfied because of game bugs and long queue time, once you enter the game smoothly, you will fully enjoy it. One of the attractions of this game is the desolate, terrifying Sanctuary world, full of demons and corruption, so the Diablo world will be the best game for Halloween.

Therefore, to get into the spooky vibe, MMOWTS found a D2R player has created an immersion mode that other players can copy in their games.

A player discovered a devious horror mode for the upcoming Halloween, making your journey on the plains of Sanctuary even more terrifying. If you are also interested in it, you can try following the steps below:

* It is best to start this game at night

* Go to “Audio”

* Set voice to 65%

* Turn the music off

* Set all sounds to 65% except Monster and Ambient sounds. Keep these at 100%

* Launch into a solo (SSF) game on a primarily melee character, such as Assassin, Amazon, Barbarian, Paladin.

* Let the Lord of Terror take hold once more

If you have never played this before, then it's time to have a try to get a new gaming experience. If you think Sanctuary is not scary enough, then challenge ShrapnelShock's immersive mode.

MMOWTS will also launch some discount activities or coupons to welcome the arrival of Halloween. You can pay more attention to MMOWTS to get some cheap D2 Resurrected Items. This will be very cost-effective because they will give you a certain amount of help in future games.

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