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WOW TBC Classic: How To Summon The Headless Horseman?
Oct 27, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Blizzard has announced that it will suspend the previously announced BlizzConline in early 2022. In the past few months, this company has encountered several sexual harassment lawsuits and investigations, and all aspects have been affected.

But the current The Burning Crusade is still going on, and now Hallow’s End has officially landed on Azeroth, so it’s time to encounter the Headless Horseman.

You can summon a Headless Horseman once a day, which means that in a 5-person team, everyone can summon the horseman. You have a total of 5 chances to obtain some unique seasonal loot, which includes:

* 3 different rings

* A helmet

* A sword

* An on-use ability to summon Pumpkin Soldiers

You can get some more interesting things from killing the horseman, including magic broom mounts with a limited lifespan, a Sinister Squashling pet, and a jack-o-lantern toy.

In order to obtain this loot, you need to gather about 5 players above level 65, and then go to the Graveyard instance of the Scarlet Monastery. The dungeon is in the northeast of Tirisfal Glades, a zone controlled by the Horde.

Once you enter this instance, you will see a Pumpkin Shrine, which provides a daily quest - Call the Headless Horseman. After accepting the quest, you will get a Dreary Candle. Take this candle to the Loosely Turned Soil in the cemetery, and click this pile. It will summon Headless Horseman.

This boss has more than 100,000 health, so it will not be a problem for your group. You want to make sure that everyone in the team can complete the daily quest, because everyone can summon the horseman. Getting 5 chances where you want each day will increase your chances of returning home with the loot you want.

This event will last until November 1. During this period, you can reset every day to get rings, toys, mounts, and other horseman items. In the meantime, if you need WOW TBC Classic Gold, you can always come to MMOWTS for help.

In addition to TBC Gold, MMOWTS also provides WOW TBC Boosting services, which is a priority for players who are stuck in certain bosses, which can also greatly improve your gaming experience.

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