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D2R Ladder: Class distribution for the second week
May 17, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Up to now, Ladder has been released for more than two weeks, and more and more players have entered the process of Ladder. Compared to the first week, the number of players has grown significantly, and the number of characters entering the Ladder is now twice as many as last week. Many players have not had time to try and enter the first round of Ladder's challenge.

Among the four modes of Ladder, Expansion has an absolute quantity advantage, which population accounts for 90% of all Ladder players. Many players who try Ladder for the first time will choose this mode because it does not limit the selection of characters, the class distribution is also representative.

Judging from the classes players chooses, the second week is still dominated by Sorceress and Paladin. However, the variety of characters players choose has increased significantly, with classes excluding Sorceress and Paladin making up almost 20% in the first week, but rising to nearly 40% in the second week.

In terms of the growth of various classes, Amazon is definitely the winner, and it is now second only to Sorceress and Paladin in the number of Ladders. A big factor in this situation was the emergence of Teo, the first player to reach level 99 in Ladder. He used Lightning Javazon to build, which led to a series of imitation effects, so the proportion of Amazon continued to rise.

The selection of Barbarian and Necromancer also showed an upward trend, now making up 6.6% and 7.4% of all roles, respectively, while Assassin and Druid, even at the bottom, increased their share from last week. This may be the result of players experimenting with multiple builds more frequently.

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