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D2R Ladder: Cold Skill Build for Hydra Sorceress
May 16, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Hydra Sorceress wasn't a very popular build choice until patch 2.4 for Diablo 2: Resurrected. But after a series of balance adjustments, Hydra Sorceress has become the first choice for many players to start Ladder with its excellent confrontation ability.

No matter what kind of build the Sorceress is, it is mainly based on elemental damage, and most of them are based on Fire, because it is very friendly to beginner players who are just entering Ladder. But if you're looking to win in difficult late Ladder battles, investing in Cold Elemental skills is a better option.

For the balance of Cold skills, it's necessary to have three main ideas. The first is to speed up the teleport. Then increasing overall damage resistance. And demonize energy shields to reduce damage. The distribution of specific skill points is as follows:

1 point to Frozen Armor: Increases defense and freezes enemies, while giving Shiver Armor and Chilling Armor a 5% Cold Damage bonus per level.

1 point to Ice Bolt: Deals damage and slows the enemy. It gives Frost Nova, Ice Bolt, Glacial Spike, Blizzard, and Frozen Orb a 15% Cold Damage bonus per level.

1 point to Ice Blast: Gives Ice Bolt, Blizzard and Frozen Orb an 8% bonus to Cold Damage.

1 point to Frost Nova: Gives Frozen Orb and Blizzard a 10% bonus to Cold Damage per level.

1 point to Shiver Armor: Can greatly increase defense.

1 point to Glacial Spike: Gives Ice Bolt, Ice Blast, and Frozen Orb a 5% bonus to freezing damage per level, and gives Blizzard a 3% bonus to Cold Damage.

1 point to Blizzard: Gives Ice Bolt, Ice Blast, and Glacial Spike a 5% bonus to Cold Damage per level.

20 point to Frozen Orb: Greatly increase fire immunity.

12 point to Cold Mastery: Can reduce the enemy's cold resistance by 75% and has a great gain to Frozen Orb.

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