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D2R Ladder: Recommended Runewords for Druid Magic Find
Jul 15, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Magic Find is a unique effect in Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder, and it tends to show up in different types of gear. This effect increases your odds of finding loot with Magic, Rare, Set, or Unique quality to help you boost.

The most suitable Druid build for Magic Find is Wind Druid, and players should stack this attribute as much as possible, but also balance the bonuses from other effects. Only in this way can efficient Magic Find farming be carried out.

Since you want to stack attributes, the most important part is the choice of D2R Ladder Items. Here are some Runewords worth checking out for the Druid:

1. Enigma - Chest Armor

Needless to say, as the No. 2 Magic Find of all armors in Diablo II: Resurrected, it has to be included.

Enigma can bring a 1-99% Magic Find bonus, but another important factor is its excellent teleportation ability, players can teleport without consuming mana, which can greatly improve The farming speed of Magic Find.

But the only downside is that it is difficult to farm and has a high budget.

2. Wealth - Chest Armor

As far as Wealth's performance on Magic Find is concerned, it's even better than Enigma. Because its main effect is to bring a 100% Magic Find bonus, but there are no other attributes to choose from, the budget is not high.

3. Rhyme - Shield

The only ones with Magic Find effect in all Shields are Rhyme Runeword, Splendor Runeword and Milabrega's Orb. Among them, Rhyme has the best comprehensive data, which can bring a 25% Magic Find bonus. will continue to support your game progress and provide you with effective assistance. You can not only get useful information here, but also enjoy excellent service. stay tuned.

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