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Diablo Immortal: Tips for Blood Rose Bossfight
Jul 18, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

The world of Diablo Immortal is filled with all kinds of dangerous enemies, and players need to acquire Diablo Immortal Platinum to continuously strengthen themselves in the process of defeating them. As one of the World Bosses, the Blood Rose is a very representative enemy. It spawns during the Purify the Corruption event, and the player needs to go to the dark Wood zone to activate Bossfight.

For this rather difficult battle, players had better choose to deal with it as a team, because it is almost impossible to fight against Blood Rose alone. At the same time, pay attention to the reasonable use of Health Potions, because Blood Rose's attack is very violent, so using Health Globes and avoiding attacks as much as possible is the core strategy.

Blood Rose's attacks have a variety of modes, and players need to understand them to take countermeasures and take every opportunity to deal damage to the enemy.

1. Blood Spit

At the beginning of Blood Rose's attack, its tentacles will shoot 6 blood shots from the center of the arena. Players need to hide in the center of the boss and grab the gap to attack.

2. Blood Laser

Blood Rose spins and unleashes a red laser across the arena. Players need to be aware that this attack will happen twice in the match, starting from the right to the left.

This attack is a test of the player's ability to operate and needs to quickly pass through the laser to reduce the damage.

3. Blood Spikes

Blood Rose will fire three waves of Spikes from the center to all sides, players need to move towards the center of the boss after the first wave to avoid this damage.

4. Blood Mortars

Although this attack will cause a lot of AoE damage, it also has a certain delay. Players need to pay attention to the continuous damage it causes and tries their best to avoid this attack.

5. Summon Bloodsworn

Blood Rose spawns a group of Bloodsworn enemies in front of the arena, and players need to clear them before attacking the boss.

6. Life Drain

When Bossfight reaches mid to late game, Blood Rose will drain the life of nearby players and replenish itself. If measures are not taken in time, previous attacks will be in vain. So the player needs to pay attention to the red circle representing this attack and run away when it appears.

Although the process of fighting Blood Rose is very difficult, the rewards it can bring are considerable. Including Nor Tiraj's Knowledge.

MMOWTS is a good helper in your Diablo Immortal process, and we will continue to bring you high-quality services.

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