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D2R Ladder: What You Need to Know About Flickering Flame Runeword
May 13, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Flickering Flame is one of the new Runewords unique to Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder Season 1. It is a combination of Nef+Pul+Vex and belongs to the Helm type, suitable for All Helms, including Circlets, Barbarian Helms, and Druid Pelts.

As the name suggests, Flickering Flame is very suitable for use in the construction of Fire elements. From the effect point of view, it mainly includes the reduction of the enemy's fire resistance and the addition of fire skills but also can increase the defense ability when equipped. These are very beneficial for the construction of Fire elements, and this also means that there are no specific restrictions on occupations, common Fire Druids or any Fire Sorceress are especially suitable for using this Runeword.

For these classes, Flickering Flame is very suitable for Helms with 3 sockets and no high-intensity requirements. Specifically, there are the following Items:

Classes Other than Druids: Death Mask (Exceptional), Demonhead (Elite).

Druids: Any Elite-quality "Spirit" Pelts.

Regarding the farming of the basic Runes Nef, Pul, and Vex, players can choose a suitable farming location according to the following instructions:

Nef: Normal+ Countess, Hellforge, and Secret Cows; Act 2 Normal and above.

Pul: Hell Countess, Nightmare+ Hellforge and Secret Cows, Act 4 Nightmare and above.

Vex: Hell Countess (rare.), Nightmare+ Secret Cows, Act 1 Hell and above.

The Vex Rune necessary to combine Flickering Flame is relatively difficult to obtain. It requires players to spend a certain amount of time on farming. If you don't have the time and energy, MMOWTS will be your good helper. We will provide you with cheap D2R Ladder Items, including Rune and Runewords. You are welcome to place an order on our website at any time.

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