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Elden Ring Beginners Guide: How to farm more runes?
Mar 24, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

If you want to level up your character in Elden Ring or buy consumables from merchants, a large collection of Elden Ring Runes will come in handy. Getting runes is not as difficult as you might think. Sometimes you can avoid those powerful enemies altogether. The premise is that you have unlocked the mount called Torrent, otherwise it will take a long time for you to move on the open world. Also, to explore the Liurnia of the Lakes region, you need to first pass through Stormveil Castle and defeat Godrick the Grafted. Read on for the Elden Ring guide from MMOWTS and you'll master more tricks.

First, you need to talk to NPC White-Faced Varre, his location is the Rose Church in western Liurnia of the Lakes, directly south of the Raya Lucaria Academy. After the conversation, you will find that he has given you several Bloody Festering Fingers, which are items used to invade other players' worlds. You need to use three of them to complete the quest. After the quest is completed, you need to go back to Varre and speak to him there. Now you can join the cult of Mohg, the Lord of Blood.

The next trial is getting the blood of a maiden and dipping a piece of cloth into it, which you can do in different ways. The quickest way is to go to the Church of Inhibition and take the blood of the corpse of the maiden, which is in the northeast of Liurnia. When the cloth that Varre gives you is soaked in blood, he will give you a Pureblood Knight's Medal. This is an item for teleportation, you can find and use it directly in your inventory.

The medal will teleport you to the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum area, which is a great place to get the Elden Ring Runes. Begin by ascending the Site of Grace via the nearby stairs, where you can take a break to track your progress. Then you can ride the ride and go all the way to the southeast. To save time, I recommend that you don't draw any enemies' attention. In the end, you'll come across the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace on the edge of a cliff overlooking a large pool with a massive bird enemy in it. Take a rest then equip a bow or crossbow and some arrows or bolts.

There will be some sleeping enemies on the way to the north, don't wake them up. All you need to do is aim and shoot at those bird enemies, they'll fall from the edge of the land into the abyss while enraging you, and you'll be rewarded with a whopping 11038 runes. You can repeat this process by using the Site of Grace's respawn feature over and over again.

The only problem is that the process is boring and time-consuming, you need to keep doing the same action for hours on end to see the effect. The advantage is that this method doesn't require you to buy any extra powerful equipment, you just need to pay attention to replenish when the arrows or bolts are almost consumed.

Well, I know the easier way to get tons of Elden Ring Runes is more appealing to you guys. The method is very simple, you can buy Elden Ring Runes directly at MMOWTS. All the products we sell are hand-made by real players, so you can buy with confidence.

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