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When Does Spring End In Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Mar 23, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is consistent with the real world to some extent. The ending date of spring 2022 in Animal Crossing New Horizons is slightly inconsistent with the actual date of June 20. In Animal Crossing, the season is more in line with the season in the northern hemisphere. For example, most of June is still spring, but many people still think it is "summer"In Animal Crossing, spring is long before the actual summer solstice.

The seasons of Animal Crossing will vary according to the hemisphere selected when the player starts the game. As we all know, spring in the northern hemisphere is autumn in the southern hemisphere, and vice versa. If you visit friends in another hemisphere in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can see different seasons. There are also opportunities to catch different insects and fish on other people's islands.

The spring of Animal Crossing New Horizons brings green trees. The first few days of spring also brought cherry petals, which players can collect with a nets. But the whole spring is full of seasonal fish and insects, as well as spring green bamboo. I hope players want to make full use of spring in the game. Note that the time of the end of the season in the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere is completely different. Players in the northern hemisphere have already started spring, and there is still a long spring to enjoy. Players in the southern hemisphere have to wait a long time, but it doesn't hurt to be ready.

In the northern hemisphere, the spring of Animal Crossing New Horizons will end on May 31. Although spring began to show signs as early as February 25, the snow on the island began to melt and the rain increased. Spring fish and insects don't appear until March 1. Spring ends on November 30 in the southern hemisphere. As in the northern hemisphere, signs of spring began to appear quiet on August 25, but insects and fish of this season began to appear on September 1.

Because of these differences, for example, rabbit day celebrations are held only in the spring of the northern hemisphere. Halloween and Thanksgiving take place in the spring of the southern hemisphere During these three months, players of Animal Crossing New Horizons can visit other islands in different hemispheres, experience various activities in different seasons, and make full use of these two months to obtain rewards.

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