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Elden Ring's 1.04 update makes Malenia even harder to beat
Apr 21, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Elden Ring is known for its grand worldview and complex gameplay. It has achieved impressive results in just two months after its release, and its loyal players are all over the world. Recently, fans have finally ushered in its biggest update to date. The developers have focused on the balance of the game, buffing some weapon skills and the damage of the Sorcery, but one of the most controversial is that this update seems to make the already difficult Malenia more difficult to defeat through these changes.

Elden Ring is known as the best work of FromSoftware's Soulborne series and one of the game's Boss Malenia, and Blade of Miquella is called the most difficult Boss in FromSoftware game history. The reason is that every time the player is hit by Malenia, she regenerates a portion of her health, which means that players need to spend more time fighting to avoid getting hit while attacking her. Some players even spent 50 hours trying to beat her.

And after the 1.04 update, players discovered that Malenia doesn't even need to hit them to recover, and while this was explained as an occasional system bug, it became more frequent after the update. Also, Incantation: Swarm of Flies, which can effectively help defeat her, has also been nerfed. This makes some players who have been frustrated repeatedly in the battle with her even more heartbroken.

However, the good news is that FromSoftware has received relevant feedback, and the repair work will be carried out. The specific situation may still have to wait until the next update.

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