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Predictions for Elden Ring DLC
Apr 22, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

As one of the hottest games in recent times, Elden Ring has a very high degree of discussion around the world. Whether it is from its grand story background or exquisite character creation, it is a topic that players are keen to discuss. And the most important scene throughout the Elden Ring story is the Great Will that starts the whole story. We have reason to believe that if it's something Elden Ring will expand on in detail in the future, it may play a bigger role.

As we all know, Greater Will, as the Outer God, sent the Elden Beast and the Golden Seeds to the Lands Between, opening the story of the entire Gods and Demigods family. Now, the only plot we know of is the one after Greater Will chose Queen Marika as the Elden Ring's vessel of power, but neither the creation of Greater Will nor other stories are mentioned in the game. And after looking back carefully, it is not difficult to find that in the known six endings of Elden Ring, there is no thorough explanation for Greater Will.

In the story, Greater Will is very powerful. Although it is the beginning of the entire game background, it often exists indirectly in the real game process, so for now, it is used as the upcoming DLC content to be released is very suitable. If Greater Will comes out as the DLC someday, it's likely to be a tough boss fight that players will have to fight, even harder to beat than Malenia.

I believe you are also looking forward to the follow-up update and DLC release of Elden Ring, but for now, all we can do is enjoy the game and make some simple predictions, I believe FromSoftware can bring us more surprises in the future. You can stay tuned to as we continue to update the news. In addition, to enhance your gaming experience, we also provide cheap Elden Ring Runes for sale, if you need them, you can contact us at any time.

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