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For the Honor of Dendro Characters - Tighnari Team Building in Genshin Impact
Sep 17, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

The New five-star character Tighnari in Genshin Impact is quite attractive to players by his capable on Quicken damage delivering, charming outfits and most importantly, his fluffy ears. Anyway today I would like you give some suggestions on Tighnari team building and explain why, so let's have a look.

Start from the bottom, let's talk about his artifact, weapon and stats. Now there's two main artifact sets that work really well on him, Wanderer's Troupe and the newest Gilded Dreams artifact set. You'll notice there's Elemental Mastery in both of these sets, that's because he could benefit from it by increasing his burst and charged attack damage from his 2nd passive talent.

Spread is a very unique reaction, the amount of damage increase depends on character's level and their elemental mastery. Things like Critical Damage, Elemental DMG or basically anything that can increase DMG, Spread also benefits from this. The only thing that Spread sub reaction doesn't care about is ATK, it has no influence over it. Basically Elemental Mastery is very good on Tighnari, but at the same time you going with something increasing critical rate or damage will be a better optimal way to build him.

So what type of teams can you build with him? Anyway Quicken or should I say Spread, is essential if you want to see him cause big damage, so no matter what the team is, you always want to bring at least one Electro character like Fischl. The remaining two spots are flexible, so I built those teams around Tighnari and one Electro character.

Now, the first team I tested out was Double Electro Double Dendro team, some would call it AggraSpread team because Electro characters will cause Aggravate sub reactions while Dendro will cause Spread sub reactions. Now the good thing about this team is that the amazing damage. Here I recommend using Fischl, Collei, Lisa and Tighnari and because of the way Quicken works, it just keeps getting refreshed on targets, so almost every single hit is guaranteed to be Spread or Aggravate sub reaction. I really liked this team, just by using Slingshot and Gilded Dreams on Tighnari, he can really delivers some nice damage.

There's a new craftable Sumeru bow called King's Squire, which increases EM by 140 at max refinement after using skill or burst and then it also deals some explosive damage, so I put it to use in another team where it was made up of Yae Miko, Collei, Venti and of course, the fluffy archer. The cool thing about Quicken reaction is that if you can cause a Swirl on multiple enemies which are Quickened, the Swirl also will be Aggravated and this can significantly boost the damage, so this team worked very well, although I can't say it was as comfortable to pilot as the previous team.

But what happens if Tighnari is the only Dendro character in the team? I mean, in the previous two teams Collei was using the Deepwood Memories artifact set to shred enemies Dendro resistance but now, there's no one besides Tighnari here. There's two solutions, either give him the Dendro set, or give somebody else like Kujou Sara equips on. Nobody said it has to be a Dendro character using this set, since all they need to do is just hit the enemy with their skill or burst to shred Dendro resistance. And it works really well on Kujou Sara here. I kinda like this team a lot, although my only problem with is that Tighnari can't cause Dendro damage off-field, so it becomes harder for Electro characters like Fischl to cause Aggravate when Quicken disappears on enemies.

So there are the three teams I recommend to you around Tighnari, if you did not get him yet, you can go to and buy Genshin Impact Accounts as well, your waifu is waiting for your purchase.

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