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Genshin Impact 2.5: When the Sakura Bloom Will Be Released On Feb 16 
Feb 07, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Genshin Impact version 2.5 is titled "When the Sakura Bloom" and will be released on February 16th, and there will be a lot of content coming, including a new five-star character - Yae Miko, Story Quests to learn about Yae Miko's and Raiden Shogun. MMOWTS will introduce more details.

3 Realms Gateway Offering

In the recently opened Enkanomiya area, the darkness of unknown origin is approaching, bringing unprecedented challenges to players. The new seasonal event - Three Realms Gateway Offering, will challenge you with an area based on Enkanomiya, haunted by the unknown and getting darkness. This darkness character makes the characters accumulate corrosive darkness, but you'll have a special gadget - the Bokuso Box, that will help you fight off the corrosive darkness, gain new abilities, and defeat certain monsters.

The Bokuso Box also be corrupted over time, and you'll need to recuperate it at statues to cleanse its corrosive darkness and recharge the item. Additionally, you can level up the Bokuso Box opening chests, unlock waypoints, and complete exploration objectives in the event area to increase its corrosion resistance and gain new abilities to help you explore more areas.

Yae Miko and new stories

Yae Miko is the priestess of Grand Sanctuary Narukami, and you can always come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts once she is in the game. In the trailer, she uses a catalyst and electro powers to deal with high burst damage on the field, continuous damage off the field, and electro traps ability called Sesshou Sakura that periodically strikes nearby opponents with lightning.

Divine Ingenuity and Of Drink A-Dreaming

Divine Ingenuity events allow you to create and share your domain. You can customize your domains with a variety of terrain, mechanisms, traps, buffs, and completion criteria to create your mini-game and publish it to challenge other players.

During the Of Drink A-Dream event, you can be a bartender in Diluc's tavern, mixing and serving non-alcoholic drinks to customers under certain requirements.

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