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ACNH: When Do Shooting Stars Appear?
Feb 06, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

In ACNH, you can see shooting stars in the sky at night and wish on them for Star Fragments, but when will the shooting stars appear? This is what players care about. Based on this, MMOWTS gives a timetable.

What time will Shooting Stars appear?

On a clear night, Shooting Stars or meteor showers generally appear around 7:00 pm. A good sign is you can encounter Celeste around your town.

When Celeste appears in your town, the shooting stars will appear that night. She will occasionally visit your island and offer special star-themed recipes.

According to player reports, shooting stars usually last until around 4 am, so if you want to make a wish, you have plenty of time to use the stars to your advantage.

You can use Up on the D-Pad, and as long as you don't have the tools in hand, you can make a wish on a shooting star at night.

While Celeste can't guarantee that there will be shooting stars that night, she will make a good statement that there will be shooting stars that night.

Another way to tell is to talk to your villagers during the day. If Isabelle or your villagers are talking about a meteor shower, it's bound to happen that night.

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