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Genshin Impact: 4 Characters Will Get Alternate Outfits
Jan 05, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Recently, skins and alternate outfits have been the focus of discussion among Genshin Impact players. In the 2.4 Update, Liyue's Keqing and Ningguang received skins, and Diluc and Fischl in Mondstadt got skins, which made players more and more curious about what's coming next. Based on this, MMOWTS also collected some related news.

Since the release of Genshin Impact, character skins have not been Mihoyo's focus, but this situation has changed until the 1.6 update, which adds summer-themed outfits to Barbara and Jean, which is popular with fans. Now, with the advent of the 2.4 Update, Ningguang and Keqing have formal dress skins, and the topic of skin has once again aroused heated discussion. And, what is exciting is that 4 Mondstadt characters will get alternate outfits.

Jean, Amber, Rosaria, and Mona will get alternate outfits in this update. Among them, Rosaria's changes are eye-catching.

However, the specific release date of the alternate outfit has not been announced, and fans can only wait for the news later. In addition, we don’t know whether the new outfits are free or paid, but some of the outfits have received relatively little changes, so we guess it’s free. Even for a fee, MMOWTS will provide cheap Genshin Impact Accounts with them, so that you can get everything you want at the lowest price possible.

With the advent of 2022, the Genshin Impact community will become more lively, one after another new news followed, and a lot of new content will be coming soon. The return of the popular Lantern Rite event and the highly anticipated Yae Miko have been confirmed. In the new year, Mihoyo still has not disappointed fans, and a new journey is kicking off.

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