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Genshin Impact: From Outer Lands Quest Guide
Jun 29, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

A summertime event of Genshin Impact has attracted the attention of fans. A Midsummer Island Adventure recently revealed Act II of the Inazuma prequel. Continuing the main story of the Mysterious Islands quest, some new islands are emerging from the ocean, and you may be very surprised. You will discover new locations, puzzles, and quests. Some of them may help reveal some of the mysteries surrounding the Golden Apple Archipelago, and the ‘From Outer Lands’ quest will be an important part.

How to active ‘From Outer Lands’ quest?

To complete the ‘From Outer Lands’ world quest needs a prerequisite, you must first unlock the second act of the Genshin Impact 1.6 update. The quest involved piece together the messages left by a shipwrecked crew sailing from Inazuma and stranded between the archipelago. In order to start the quest, you should set sail to the medium island north of Pudding Isle.

Upon arrival, you should climb the cliffside. At the top, you will see the first half of the shipwreck. You will find a Waverider Waypoint and an Echoing Conch on the island. When you arrive at the ship, you should inspect the slightly damaged wooden plank of the ship.

According to the information engraved on the wooden plank, a crew survived a shipwreck in which the ship split in half. They survived by floating on the southeast ocean current on the back half of the ship. They believe that their cargo has now sunk to the bottom of the sea. Paimon will suggest you look for the first half of the ship. The Genshin Impact world quest From Outer Lands is now active.

How to complete the ‘From Outer Lands’ quest?

In the message, the crew mentioned that they were drifting down the southeast currents. You can use this information to find out where the ship split. There is an island of similar size in the northwest of the present one, which is just west of Twinning Isle. You can jump on your Waverider and start from your current location, or start from a closer waypoint that has already been activated.

The cliff on the second island is even steeper. With further exploration, you can find another Waverider Waypoint signpost and a mural on the island. The front part of the ship is on the top of the stone cliff.

Examining the somewhat rotten wooden plank, find another message engraved on the wood: The group seemed to try to leave Inazuma, but later ran into trouble at sea because their ship split. The lost cargo is not in the first half of the ship. It should have drifted to the southeast with the second half of the shipwreck.

Next, you need to find the lost cargo. You need to search the area between the two islands. A quest marker should appear, showing the area where the cargo may reach.

There are three possible wrecks you need to search.

* One is in the southeastern region of the circle.

* One is in the dead center of the circle.

* And the last one is in the northwest region of the circle

Investigate air bubbles at each location to check for lost goods. In the last wreckage, when you investigate the lost cargo, a floating machine will emerge from the sea. You need to use your Waverider’s cannons to attack the machine. After defeating it, the quest is completed, and after that, a luxurious chest will appear.

This is about the steps to complete the From Outer Lands quest. If you are looking for relevant guides, then this article must be the most suitable for you. With the continuous update of Genshin Impact content, many quests are also challenging and funny. MMOWTS will update more popular guides according to the needs of players.

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