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Genshin Impact Guide: All Details About Barbara - The Best Healer
Nov 03, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

Barbara is one of the characters in Genshin Impact. You can get her through the gacha pull Wish system. Majority of players think she is the best healer, so you should pay more attention to healing when considering her character builds.

About Barbara

As a Hydro user, she can use her water-based skills to dish out single and AOE damage on enemies. At the same time, she is also a healer, she has the ability to restore the health of herself and her teammates. She is a 3-star character, which means she is easier to obtain than a 5-star character. But her value cannot be underestimated!

For Barbara, her best character build is based on high healing effects. This means that Element stats take precedence over ATK or DMG.

You can easily encounter her in the Wish system, so if you are in the early stage of Genshin Impact, she can be an excellent healer in your team. Before the 1.1 patch release, if your Adventure Rank reaches 20, you can get Barbara for free. Once she joins your team, she will play a big role.

Beast Artifacts

For Barbara, the best Artifact set is the Maiden Beloved set. It not only increases the healing effects by 15% but also increases the healing effect of team members if there are 4 pieces in the set equipped.

The Exile and Instructor Artifact sets are second only to the Maiden Beloved set, they are also good. They can all increase the Element stats of Barbara.

* Exile set: increase Elemental Recharge.

* Instructor Artifacts: increase Elemental Mastery.

Best Weapons

Barbara is different from Jean, Jean can cause a lot of damage to the enemies while healing. But Barbara's weapons should not focus on ATK or DMG. You should equip Barbara with weapons that can improve her healing proficiency and Elemental stats.

The Sacrificial Fragments catalyst is perfect for her because it will provide Elemental Mastery and rapidly end the cooldowns.

Prototype Malice is also a good weapon. It can regenerate energy to Barbara's Elemental Bursts. At the same time, it can also restore 6% HP to all teammates every 2 seconds. You can obtain this weapon by crafting. The materials needed to craft it are at Blacksmith's smithy in Mondstadt.

There is no dispute, as long as you can find the best character builds and the suitable Artifacts and Weapons for Barbara, she will be able to maximize her abilities. She is definitely the best healer in your team. She can play a vital role in boss battles and some challenging quests (such as Spiral Abyss).

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