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Genshin Impact Guide: Want To Be Invincible? You May Need The Best Team Builds!
Nov 02, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

As we mentioned before, in Genshin Impact, you can control four characters at a time, and each character has its own elemental ability that can be used and transferred to the next character who be selected by you.

There are currently 7 different elements to choose from, each of which has its own advantages and weakness. In the Teyvat world, you need to use a variety of different elements to repel enemies and solve puzzles. As the game develops, you will encounter more and more challenging tasks, so if you want to always be dominant in the game, then crafting a balanced team building is the key point. This guide will tell you which team builds are the best.

Each team has 4 different characters. You should arrange it like this: 1 character is the main DPS (causing the most damage in the shortest time) and 3 main support characters (healing and building defense are both possible). So the most important thing in the team is the DPS role, you need to make sure he/she can do the best.

Best team builds

The Fire Team: Diluc - Main DPS

Venti - Support for crowd control

Fischl - Projectile DPS

Xiangling - Pyro Support for Diluc

The Electric Team: Razor - Main DPS

Fischl - Projectile DPS

Kaeya - Used to Wet enemies for more damage

Qiqi - Healer

The Water Team: Mona - Main DPS

Venti - Support for crowd control

Fischl - Projectile DPS

Qiqi- Healer

But a problem that ensues is that the best team builds must be made up of the rarest and most difficult to obtain heroes. Characters like Diluc and Venti are hard to get because they are both 5-star heroes. But once you have them, you will find it worthwhile, because the surprises they bring to you will far exceed your imagination. If you don't have any five-star characters, you can choose to go to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts. Many people may think that spending money on the game is silly, but if you can get happiness through it, it's not a bad thing. Right?

And recently, MMOWTS has launched packs of Genshin Impact Accounts, which means that a Genshin Impact Account can contain two five-star heroes, or can include a five-star hero and a weapon. This is very cost-effective, so buy them as early as possible while they are cheap!

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