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Genshin Impact Guide: For Unlocking Peak Of Vindagnyr, You Can Do As The Following Steps!
Dec 25, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

The Genshin Impact 1.2 version has been released. It should be time for players to keep exploring, and there may be some difficult content in it. For example, how can we unlock Peak of Vindagnyr? In fact, it is not easy to unlock, so this article will tell you the relevant solutions! You can follow the steps.


Before you start exploring it, make sure you have accepted this quest: at the Adventurer's Camp at the bottom of Dragonspine, there is an NPC called Iris waiting for you, and she will assign you the quest - into the Mountains.

If you have roughly browsed the Dragonspine area, you should understand that there is a passage behind the Statue of the Seven, but you cannot enter because of the howling winds. So dispelling these winds is a prerequisite for you to unlock Peak of Vindagnyr. Therefore, you need to go to the three different locations of Dragonspine to find ice crystals. Open three passages to reach the summit of the mountain.

1st magical crystal - contains the Frostbearing Tree

The first crystal contains the Frostbearing Tree. We have introduced this tree in the previous article.

* Go to the teleport waypoint covered by snow

* Go south along the path and you will see floating magic crystals

* To break the crystal, you need to be charged up with a Scarlet Quartz

* They are glowing red crystals that appear nearby, break one, pick up the Scarlet Quartz, run back to the crystal and attack it, you will make it lose 25% of its health

* Find another quartz and repeat the above step

* After you break the crystal, interact with the orb inside to unlock the Frostbearing Tree

2nd magical crystal - Nearby Wyrmrest Valley

Find the Wyrmrest Valley on the map. There is a diamond-shaped place under it, that is where the second crystal is located. After arriving, you can follow the steps below:

* Activate the cube-shaped device, Seelie will go to every Cryo pillar in a specific order, remember the order, and then begin to attack with a Cryo ability in the same order.

* The two Ruin Guards will spawn and attack. Defeating them will activate a Ruin Grader. It can shoot powerful lasers, so you need to ensure staying behind it. When it is defeated, the ice in the center of the arena will break, leaking a cavern, and the second magic crystal is inside.

* Entering the cave, you will see another Seelie and three Scarlet Quartz, but for breaking the crystal, you need four Scarlet Quartz. So the fourth one is behind a gate and you need to put two Seelies on their pedestals to open it. The first one is easy to find, the second one is under the ice that you need to find, you're gonna melt them with Pyro abilities.

* After opening the gate, you will see the fourth Scarlet Quartz and two chests. Break the quartz and attack the ice wall behind it. The third Seelie will appear.

* The fourth quartz will respawn in a few seconds, during this time you can find the other three and attack the magic crystal, after the fourth respawning, use it to break the crystal and interact with the sphere inside.

3rd magical crystal - in Starglow Craven

You can find the entrance to Starglow Cavern by tracking the path of Albedo's camp. After entering, you will see two paths: one goes up and one goes down. Choose the downward path to the bottom of the cave and you will find the third magic crystal. If you fail to find it, you can search for a challenge pillar surrounded by three Seelie pedestals.

* Let Seelies go back to their pedestals, the first one is nearby, and the remaining two behind the giant ice spikes where the magic crystal is. And you will also see a Scarlet Quartz.

* The second Seelie is behind a breakable wall, near the body of the Ruin Guard

* Follow that path around behind the crystal and climb up the slope, you will find the third Seelie and the other Scarlet Quartz.

* After all Seelies return to their pedestals, activate the challenge pillar. Many Hilichurls and frost mages will appear, and you have two minutes to solve them.

* Now you can go to search Scarlet Quartz, the first two are in the opposite direction to the crystal, and the remaining two are where you found Seelie

* After the crystal is broken, you can interact with the sphere inside, and then you can leave.

Extra magical crystals

Now you can enter the cave near the Statue of the Seven, but you still need to break the three extra crystals to unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr. First, you need to teleport to the statue, walk along the tunnel, and you will see an arena inside. There are three magic crystals that need to be broken.

* Defeat the floating mechanical enemies, break the quartz, use the floating pillar shards as a bridge to the lowest magic crystal and break it

* Walk along a sloping path, a broken arch will appear, defeat the boss behind the arch, and the second Scarlet Quartz will appear, breaking it. Go back to the pillar, reach the second magic crystal, break it

* Go back to the place where you fought the boss, a Seelie will appear. Follow it to reach the Anemo pillar. Activate it with the Anemo ability, an upward strong wind will be triggered, ride it quickly through the chasm where many hilichurls are waiting near the third Scarlet Quartz.

* Break the Scarlet Quartz, go to the edge of the chasm, you will see the third magic crystal below. Destroy it and activate the sphere inside.

* Finally, you will find the entrance to Peak of Vindagnyr

These are the specific steps to unlock Peak of Vindagnyr, hope it will help you. If you haven't got Albedo yet, and you can't wait to have him, don't forget to come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impacts Accounts with him.

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