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Genshin Impact Guide: How To Complete Hu Tao's Story Quest And Domain Puzzles
Mar 03, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Fans' long-awaited Hu Tao has appeared in the game, and she also has her quest - Papilio Charontis. Below is a guide to Hu Tao's story quests and domain puzzles. Like the story quests of other characters, Hu Tao's quests also have some different parts.

Part One

* You need to go to Wuwang Hill to find the undertaker, you will find that Hu Tao is the director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor.

* Then go to Liyue Harbor and talk to 3 NPCs in that area.

* After talking with Hu Tao, check the marked locations.

Part Two

* Go to the exorcism site. This is a battle with some hilichurls and mitachurls.

* Talk to the ghost of Big G and return to Liyue Harbor. You will talk to the three NPCs you met before. Obviously, they were great friends of Big G when they were young

* An NPC needs a Jueyun Chili. At the same time, you need to find a Plaustrite Shard at the marked location in the dockyards.

Part Three

* You can meet Hu Tao at Wuwang Hill and enter the domain

* You can use her here, which is quite interesting because you have to fight against some Cryo-based mobs and hilichurls. Use her ability to scorch and the vines on your path.

* There are some stone puzzles in this domain, so you need to make sure that your camera rotates until these symbols are lit up.

* Finally, there is a stone puzzle and a soul orb behind some vines

* Let the symbol light up and open a road. You need to get the orb and pass through the room, pick up the second orb there.

* You can put two orbs on the pedestals.

* In the next area you can pick up a blue orb and then go through the spider web.

* Swim across the creek, you will reach an open place, and then you will return to the previous room. It's like you just looped around, this time, there will be a second orb. At this time you should have two orbs, bring them close to the pedestals.

In the last area, you will talk to ghosts, including Big G. Once you return to Wuwang Hill, talk to Hu Tao again to complete her story quest.

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