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Genshin Impact Guide: How To Get Every Wood Type?

Source: MMOWTS

Now you can have your own house in Genshin Impact, but you need to furnish it yourself. You can use wood taken from the trees to craft furniture. Each piece of furniture requires a different type of wood, which means you need to cut down different trees.

How to harvest wood?

You can use your sword to harvest wood from any tree. When you cut a tree with your sword, it will shake, and each tree will drop up to three wood chips. If the tree does not shake, which means it will not provide wood.

Each tree can only be harvested once a day.

Where to get Birch Wood?

Birch Trees always have yellow or light green conical leaves and white trunks. They can be easily farmed in Windwail Highland of Mondstadt or directly in front of Dawn Winery. Most of these trees are in Mondstadt, but you will also see some at the border between Mondstadt and Liyue.

Where to get Cuihua Wood?

The Cuihua tree has large bulbous leaves and often has fruit like Sunsettia hanging. If you see fruit on the tree, you may have accidentally found a Cuihua.

It can be found in Mondstadt and Liyue, but the best place to farm it should be outside of Mondstadt. You will find several Cuihua near the city border and three Cuihua trees in front of the bridge leading to the city.

Where to get Cedar Wood?

Cedar trees are large trees with many branches, each branch has a tiny sphere of foliage.

Cedar trees are scattered throughout Mondstadt. If you go east of the Statue of the Seven on Starfell Lake, you will find a lot of cedar trees. Go south along with the same statue and you will find other Cedar trees.

Where to get Fir Wood?

Fir trees are known for their skinny trunks and branches with needle-like leaves, so they are also very recognizable.

You can find them in both Mondstadt and Liyue. They are generally located between Windrise and Springvale in Mondstadt.

Where to get Pine Wood?

You can only find Pine Wood in Dragonspine. In the snow-capped mountains, almost every tree is the Pine tree, so it is not difficult to obtain Pine Wood.

Pine trees have a unique green color and lack plump leaves, so you can distinguish them from other trees by these two features. Since they are located in Dragonspine, they will be covered in snow.

Where to get Sandbearer Wood?

The top of the Sandbearer tree has bright orange leaves, and its trunk is white and very skinny.

You can only find them in Liyue. It is easier to find them in Mt. Tianheng, which is located outside Liyue Harbor. In addition, you can also go to the top of Mt.Aozang to take a look.

Where to get Bamboo?

Qingce Bamboo should be the easiest to find, you can only find it in Liyue. If you see tall and skinny green bamboo shapes, it must be a bamboo stalk. You can harvest it and farm bamboo segments.

The best place to farm Bamboo is in the center of Qingce Village. Teleport to the waypoint of the actual village, and you will quickly find a lot of bamboos. Once you have done there, you can head to the colorful plantlife to find more bamboo.

Now you can go to different places to get the corresponding wood according to your needs.

Now that Genshin Impact 1.5 version is released, MMOWTS will continue to provide corresponding game guides later, so that you can get everything you need faster.

And if you need to buy Genshin Impact Accounts or Starter Accounts, you can come to MMOWTS at any time. Our super-fast delivery will definitely enhance your gaming experience!

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