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Genshin Impact Guide: More Details About 4-Star Weapons In 1.2 Update
Dec 16, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

Because Mihoyo has released a trailer for 1.2 update, we have also roughly introduced what will appear in the 1.2 update. If you are interested, you can click here.

Today we will focus on the 4-star weapons that will appear in 1.2.

There will be at least 4 weapons that will appear, and they are all 4-star weapons. This is enough to prove that they are very powerful, and you can also forge three of them, only Festering Desire cannot be forged, because it can be obtained as a gift, which can be refined through its respective Event Shop.

Deagonspine Spear

It is a weapon bound to the Dragonspine region, also known as The Festering Fang. In the beginning, many players thought it was related to the Albedo event, but in fact, it only represented an area of Dragonspine. In this area, you can collect Dragonteeth or something similar to it, and you can exchange them for Dragonspine Spear.


It is a 4-star catalyst that is connected to the Frostbearing Tree in the Dragonspine region. This tree is one of the main features of Dragonspine, and it exists on the resources of Crimson Agate.

You will find Crimson Agate in Dragonspine. If you want to level it up, you can take it to Frostbearing Tree. This means that you will be able to build Dragonspine's Reputation by collecting Crimson Agate. When you level up this tree, you will get various rewards from it.

At level 4: blueprints to a new item - The Warming Bottle (You can get heat in a sub-zero climate)

At Level 10: blueprints to the 4-star catalyst - Frosbearer (mages will get a special Cryo-themed boost)

Snow-Tombed Starsilver

It is the last forgeable weapon. When you are exploring the new Dragonspine area, you can find it in an ancient forgotten city.

Entombed City is one of the main questlines in Dragonspine. After completing it, you will receive the blueprint of the Snow-Tombed Starsilver, and then you can use a Northlander Sword Prototype and the resource called Starsilver to craft it.

Festering Desire

This weapon will be provided to everyone at the beginning of the event. Its Stats are as follows:

Base Stat: ATK

Secondary Stat: Energy Recharge%

Passive Ability: Undying Admiration increases Elemental Skill DMG by 16%, and Elemental Skill CRIT Rate by 6%

Once it is refined to level 5, its effectiveness will be doubled, Elemental Skill DMG will increase by 32%, and CRIT Rate will increase by 12%.

These are details we know so far about these 4-star weapons, and the more specific content will only be known until December 23, when version 1.2 is officially released. MMOWTS will also update relevant news in time.

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