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WOW Shadowlands: Where To Find The Great Vault?
Dec 15, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

In WOW, you can get a lot of loot and find many special treasures through the afterlife. The Great Vault is an extra loot, where you can find even greater treasures. In the Great Vault, you can choose an item as a reward per week, and even include the Legendary power. To unlock these options, you need to complete specific activities every week, including participating in raids, finishing Mythic Dungeons, and getting Honor Points in PvP.

This is a new mechanic appearing in Shadowlands, which replaces Bonus Rolls. After finishing all the necessary activities, you will have the opportunity to enter the Great Vault and choose your reward. The rewards you can choose are related to the difficulty of raids, the number of Mythic dungeons completed, and the number of honor points earned in PvP.

Where to find The Great Vault?

The Great Vault is in Oribos, which is located in Hall of Holding (65.0, 29.3).

You will find the Great Vault in the Ring of Fates section of Hall of Shapes. This is where you find professions trainers. After weekly maintenance or resetting, don't forget to go there to collect your rewards.

To unlock the Great Vault, you need to complete a quest chain first. When you enter the vault for the first time, you will get the Legendary Powers of your class, and you can craft Legendary Armor or items with them.


If you want to obtain extra reward items, you need to finish 3 quests respectively in Raids, Mythic dungeons and PVP competitions each week.


You can defeat three Castle Nathria bosses to obtain an item in the vault. You can increase the items available by killing 7 or 10 Raid bosses. The level of the rewarded item is proportional to the difficulty of the Raid.

Mythic Dungeons

You need to finish one every week to unlock one item in Vault. To unlock two items, you need to complete 4. To unlock 3 items, you need to complete 10. Like Raids, the level of reward items is determined by the lowest level your finished dungeons in a week.


You need to get 1,250 Honor Points every week to unlock an item in the vault. As for two items, 2,500 Honor Points are required, and 6,250 Honor Points can unlock three items. The highest bracket win in a week will determine the reward items in the vault.

If you don't like a week's rewards, you can take Brimming Anima Orbs, deposit them in Covenant's Reserve and use them for other quests during the week. In short, no matter what reward you choose, this is a good way to continue to improve your gear.

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