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Travelers! It's Time To Prepare For The Upcoming 1.2 Update Of Genshin Impact
Dec 14, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

The latest trailer of Genshin Impact 1.2 has been released, and you can also know that the new Dragonspine area, and new characters will appear. In fact, as early as the players' party of the game's beta, the appearance of the new characters has been leaked, we just don't know in which update version they will appear.

In the 1.1 update, 4 new heroes appeared. Mihoyo introduced new characters in pairs, Tartaglia and Diona were on a banner, and Zhongli and Xinyan only appeared after them.

The Chalk Prince and the Dragon

The new trailer has confirmed the name of version 1.2 - The Chalk Prince and the Dragon. It will be released on December 23. The new trailer also shows two new members: Albedo and Ganyu.


Ganyu is a Cyro user. She uses the bow for ranged DPS attacks. She is similar to the role of Diona. In the trailer, we can see she fights against various enemies, she is more like a secondary role.


Albedo is more like a major hero. He is the alchemist of Knights of Favonius and the boss of Sucrose. Through these, we can also know that he will play an important role in the game. His role quest is the main content of the Dragonspine region. Albedo's story is about the cursed sword, Festering Desire and venomous Durin. All of these constitute the main part of the 1.2 update story.

The Dragonspine region

This is also a new area that is about to appear in the game, and it is also the setting for the story of this update. You can see that the snow has completely covered this area through the trailer. The Dragonspine region is where the remains of venomous Durin. This dragon appeared in the first chapter of the game and was held after Dvalin defeated it.

In addition, you will also see some new weapons, such as Festering Desire, as well as new spears, catalysts and greatsword.

Those are all we know about the 1.2 update. More information needs to be announced by Mihoyo. Once there is the latest news, MMOWTS will also update related articles in time to let you know more details.

Since new heroes are about to appear, MMOWTS will also launch more Genshin Impact Accounts with upcoming heroes. We wonder if Albedo will become the next character sought after by players. What do you guys think?

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