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WOW Shadowlands: What Classes Have The Highest DPS?
Dec 12, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

WOW: Shadowlands has been released for a while, and many fans are very curious about the DPS ranking, because the raid is in progress, you may want to know whether the DPS rankings have changed after the beta and pre-patch. In fact, the rankings have not changed much, but if you want to choose the appropriate DPS builds to raid, you still need to pay attention to some things.

Normal difficulty and Heroic difficulty of Castle Nathria are now available, and Mythic difficulty and Raid Finder Wing 1 will be available on December 15th.

The first Season of Shadowlands will last until February 2nd, which is the release date of Raid Finder Wing 4.

Due to these updates, WOW's DPS rankings will change over time, depending on the difficulties of the raid you are participating in.

About Castle Nathria

It is located in Revendreth, and there are 10 bosses in it, the final boss is Sire Denathrius. Most of the battles are ranged DPS. Because in WOW, ranged attackers are the main part of endgame raids, while melee attacks are relatively few.

Because of this, many of the top DPS classes in Shadowlands are ranged. For Normal difficulty and Heroic difficulty, if you can get the correct way, most DPS classes are sufficient.

Best DPS Classes

There is no doubt that Marksmanship Hunter and Shadow Priests are still at the forefront of the DPS ranking in the first season. In addition, Balance Druid can also be said to be one of the top-tier classes, which needs your attention.

Marksmanship Hunter and Balance Druid have AoE attacks, which makes them play important roles in endgame raids. If you want to stack damage to the enemies over time, you can try the Shadow Priest, whose multi-DOTs are very good at this.

Prediction: Fire Mage will be stronger

At present, the DPS rankings of Normal difficulty and Heroic difficulty have not changed much, but huge changes may occur when Mythic+ difficulty arrives. Because Fire Mage has gotten a buff, this is one of the few specs with uncapped AoE capabilities. Therefore, many fans speculate that Fire Mage will play a more important part in Mythic+ difficulty raids.

Of course, DPS Classes like Marksmanship Hunter and Shadow Priests should not be underestimated. They are considered the best DPS classes in the first season. If you are struggling with this, I hope this article can give you some help in choosing classes. MMOWTS also frequently updates relevant game news and game guides, and you can also buy cheap WOW Gold on MMOWTS. Based on these, you can know that MMOWTS is a comprehensive website with thoughtful CS, and most importantly, no fraud! we provide a refund policy, if there are any errors in the order, we will provide a refund to reduce your loss.

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