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Genshin Impact Guide: The Solution To Dragonspine Pressure Plate Puzzle
Jan 05, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

In Genshin Impact, you can do many things, and the 1.2 version has been released for a while, there is more and more playable content in the game, and the main content is about Dragonspine.

To the south of the starting area, you will see the Dragonspine, which is a snow-capped mountain area. Below it is a huge network of intertwined caves that you can explore and complete quests. Like most areas, you will also find various puzzles here, and you will receive different rewards after completion. This article will tell you how to figure out the Dragonspine Pressure Plate puzzle.

Where to find the puzzle?

There are many puzzles introduced in Genshin Impact, but the Pressure plate is different because you can not see its mark on the map. So, you need to seek around to find this puzzle.

When you are exploring Dragonspine, you should go to the western part and then to the eastern part of the Sal Terrae area. Here, you will find 8 pressure plates on the ground next to the stone wall, with 4 groups of 2 different symbols. Each plate has a symbol on them.

How to complete it?

You need to take the first step on the four plates with the same symbols. Once the four plates are pressed, you need to step on the other four plates. Fortunately, when you press each button, the symbols on the wall will light up, which provides you with a visual reference.


Once you have successfully solved the puzzle, you will receive rewards - a Crimson Agate and a Luxurious Chest. You can bring the Crimson Agate to the Frostbearing Tree so that you can upgrade it to get more rewards.

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