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ACNH: To Create A Neighborhood For Your Villagers, You Can Do These
Jan 04, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

With the development of ACNH, you can use many different ways to settle houses. In the beginning, the land around the town was fixed and villagers could build houses on it, but now villagers can move onto rare flowers or right front of the house. New Horizons gives you enough freedom to build and plan, so it is now possible to create a neighborhood according to your wishes.

If you want to create a neighborhood for your residents, but don't know where to start, you can refer to this article.

Get some inspiration

Art comes from life. If you see some designs you like in your life, you can put them on your island now. What you can't achieve in real life, you can try in ACNH!

Pick one theme

Rural forest town or city streets? Fairy tale style or natural earthy style? These are the choices you need to make. If you find it difficult to make a decision, you can refer to the following options:

* The combination of shops and houses OR a simple residential zone

* Every villager has his own yard OR the houses are close together and the space is small

* Do you want public areas like parks or gardens?

* A unified path OR many different paths

* Will every house have dividers like bushes?

Prepare enough space

The prerequisite for building a neighborhood is to have enough space. When you meet this condition, you can start planning. Remember the following things:

* For 10 villager houses, we recommend at least 200 squares, but your design may need more, so you can clear more space in advance.

* You have to pay 50,000 bells every time you move a building, and you can only move one per day, so you'd better think carefully before placing it.

* The size of the villager's house is 4*4. Remember this is helpful for you to design yards and place paths. The size of your home is 4*5.

* Put the house on the same horizontal line so that it is easier for the villagers and you to pass through.

* The path can be paved directly to the doorstep of the villagers' house or a place farther away from the house, you can design it according to your preferences.

Yard building

This is the most interesting part of the neighborhood, because the villagers wake up every morning and can do something here. The yard includes the front yard, side yard and back yard. Don't forget to include the yard space when moving houses and laying down paths.

Make the vibe harmonious

You can design different yards for your villagers according to their Personalities and colors.

Personality: lazy villagers - snacks and comfy seats

Jock villagers - weights and sports equipment

Normal villagers - books and reading nooks

Color: Every villager has his own unique house, so it is a good idea to design a courtyard with matching colors for them.

Hobby: Every villager has his own hobby, you can decorate the courtyard for them according to these. There are 6 hobbies: Education, Fashion, Fitness, Music, Nature, Play.

You don't have to be afraid to mess up the island, because building a great island needs to take time. The premise is that you have enough ACNH Bells or Nook Miles Tickets. With them, you can decorate your island, and you can buy some themed furniture to make the vibe of your entire island more consistent.

If you are a new ACNH player, you can prepare as many ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets as possible, which will make your building process smoother. If you need them, don't forget to buy them on MMOWTS.

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