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Genshin Impact Guide: You Can Unlock Photo Mode By Doing These
Dec 31, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

The open world of Genshin Impact makes players addicted to it. In addition to exploring the mysterious world, the various buildings and scenery in the game are even more beautiful. Such as Qingyun Peak and Wangshu Inn are gorgeous. So many players may want to use the game's built-in camera to take a photo of beautiful scenery. You can do this by opening up the menu and pressing the camera button on the left. However, this function is not available when you are gliding, climbing or fighting, but now something has changed.

The limitations of the previous camera have been broken, and the Kamera widget in version 1.2 has allowed players to take landscape photos in any situation, whether you are on the edge of a cliff or in a battle. For getting the Kamera, you only need to complete a "Snapshots" quest. This article will introduce the detailed steps.

About the Snapshots quest

Snapshots quest is one of Liyue's city reputation missions. These missions and Kamera are both available to players whose Adventure Rank hits 25. So if you meet this requirement, you can go to the east side of Liyue Harbor near the dock to find Ms. Yu, and she will provide you with the quest.

Xu's quest

Once you accept this quest, you can go to the city center to find Xu, who is a member of Feiyun commerce. He stands between the city's northern waypoint and the Mingxing jewelry store, so you can find him easily and talk to him, then you can start his quest.

You need to help him deliver photos to the two citizens of Liyue Harbor. It's a very simple task. You don't need to fight or climb mountain peaks.

Liu Su

One of them is Liu Su, a storyteller of the famous Heyu Tea House. Go up the stairs from the merchant on the right side of the jewelry store, and you will see him performing for the audience on the balcony. Just give him the photo.

Granny Shan

The second person is Granny Shan, a toymaker. You can find her on the north side of the city's alchemy and east waypoint. Give her the photo. After doing all that, you have completed Xu's quest and you can return to Xu. He will give you the Kamera device and many Mora.

Now you can shoot any scene you like by equipping Kamera and pressing the "Z" button.

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