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Genshin Impact: How To Get The Predator Bow?
Sep 07, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Predator Bow is a new weapon in Genshin Impact, only for PS4/5 players. Genshin Impact is currently holding a crossover event with PlayStation to promote one of the most popular games of the previous generation PS4 - Horizon Zero Dawn. PlayStation players can unlock Horizons Zero Dawn's protagonist Aloy as Genshin Impact's 5-star bow user.

In Genshin Impact, 5-star characters are very rare. In addition to the main player character, only through the game's Wish mechanic can you have a chance to get a 5-star character. In the new Wish banner, this probability is even less than 0.3%, but it will increase with each roll. As for Aloy, you need to make sure that your Adventure Rank reaches 20. Then, you can log in to the game and find this character in your mailbox. She will remain available for a year.

In addition to Aloy, there is also a Predator Bow appearing in the game. The bow itself is made of wood and metal materials, which are only from Horizon Zero Dawn. Like this character, this bow is only available to PlayStation users. Here is how to get it.

How to unlock the Predator Bow?

Similar to obtaining Aloy, you can collect Predator Bow only if your Adventure Rank reaches level 20. Then, you can log in to PS4/5 and go to the mailbox in the game. There will be a letter, you need to interact with it, and Predator Bow will appear in your inventory.

Predator Bow is perfect for Aloy, because it is characterized by strong strike passive and prone to Cryo damage, because Aloy is the Cryo character in the game, so this is a perfect combination. And other bow users can also use this Predator Bow.

If you want to improve Aloy further, you need to collect items from Inazuma. She needs Spectural Husks, Crystal Marrow and Crystalline Blooms to get the upgrade. Aloy will release version 2.2 on Genshin Impact's other platforms on November 24th.

After that, MMOWTS will provide more information about Genshin Impact. Recently, China has restricted the playing time of teenagers. Many game developers have been affected. MIHOYO is also one of them, but this seems to not affect foreign players.

Once new content or playable characters appear, MMOWTS will still launch Genshin Impact Accounts with new heroes as soon as possible.

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