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ACNH: How To Prevent Turnip Lady From Leaving At Midday?
Sep 06, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

In ACNH, although there are many contents, the most popular among them should be the buying and selling of Turnips, because once you can master the mechanic, you can get huge profits from it, which is a lot of ACNH Bells. Recently, an ACNH player also found a way to allow the Turnip merchant Daisy Mae to stay on the island long after she left.

An ACNH player shared the discovery on the Internet. If you don't enter any buildings, Daisy Mae will actually stay on your island until the next day, which resets at 5 am. This feature allows the ACNH player to postpone the purchase turnips until 9 hours after the usual deadline.

When will Daisy Mae appear?

Daisy Mae is a boar NPC. She will visit your island every Sunday morning to sell turnips, but she usually stays there until noon that day to make a sale. This also means that if you can't get up early, you may miss her. So you have to wait until next Sunday to profit from it.

But given that this player has discovered a way to prevent Daisy Mae from leaving the island, this may be very popular with players. In addition, other ACNH players also discovered more new information. For example, frog villagers like to rain, Mario warp pipes can send players to higher levels, and players can craft them next to their favorite villagers.

ACNH will also prepare for the upcoming cherry blossoms season. At that time, it will bring ACNH cherry blossom recipes to players. At that time, MMOWTS will also provide new DIY Recipes, which is also a lot convenient for players.

MMOWTS provides all the items you need in the game, from villagers to photos. If you fail to get the items you like in the game, you can come to MMOWTS to buy ACNH Items at any time.

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