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Genshin Impact: How To Solve Seiraimaru Replay Stone Puzzle?
Sep 04, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

In Genshin Impact 2.1, you will find some challenging puzzles on the Seirai and Watatsumi Islands. You can find a unique landmark on Seira Island. It is a beached ship broken in half on the west coast - Seiraimaru. The other half of the ship is in a hidden cavern below Seiraimaru with a Relay Stone puzzle inside.

Where to find the Relay Stone puzzle?

Head to the Seiraimaru ship on the west coast of Seirai Island. After arriving, go east for the nearby Fatui camp. There, you will see a large hole next to the camp. This hole leads to an underground cavern with the other half of the ship and Relay Stone puzzle.

How to solve the Relay Stone puzzle?

* Once in the cave, you need to pass through the phase gate on the top of the ship to reach the breakable rocks on the ledge above. Break the rocks to reveal the second phase gate and a Relay Stone.

* Pick up the Relay Stone, return to the ship, and place the first Relay Stone next to the protruding metal square on the ship deck.

* Once done, return to the phase gate to get to the previous ledge. Once reached, interact with the surrounding Electrogranum plant.

* Along with the Electrogranum plant, climb the cliff to the east and head towards the Electro bubble in the distance. You can pick up the second Relay Stone in the bubble with the Electrogranum plant.

* Go back to the ship deck and place the second Relay Stone on the opposite of the first one. Once done, you should have 2 stable connections between the 2 Discharge Stones and Relay Stones.

* Pass through the phase gate for the last time, interact with the Electrogranum plant on the ledge, take the Electrogranum plant, and go west to get the third Relay Stone from another Electro-bubble.

* Go back to the boat and place the stone between the two halves of the ship. This is tricky, so you may need to try a few more times to put it in the correct position. Once the stone is placed in the correct position, you will see a luxurious chest appear in a nearby room. This is not the end, because some enemies will spawn near the chest before getting it. So watch out!

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