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Genshin Impact: How To Help Ghosts Like Nonno Cross Over?
Oct 22, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

The latest update of Genshin Impact allows you to explore the mysterious Tsurumi Island, which is the last of the 6 islands in Inazuma. You also need to complete quests such as helping ghosts like Nonno crossover. The Tsurumi Island was initially shrouded in thick fog, making navigation very difficult. Once you can clear the fog, there will be a lot of work to do. There are many hidden characters and quests on the island that you need to find. MMOWTS will guide you to complete some quests.

Nonno is the ghost of a little girl, one of the 9 ghosts on Tsurumi Island. After you complete the ‘Through the Mists’ world quest in Inazuma, the fog covering the Tsurumi Island will be lifted and you can explore the island freely. At this point, you can find "Boatman", a ghost located east of the Shirikoro Peak teleport waypoint. Boatman lets you help the ghosts of Tsurumi Island crossover, you need to find and talk to Nonno. 

Where to find Nonno?

Nonno will appear in 5 locations around Chirai Shrine. This is one of the tasks you must complete for Boatman. 

The first location is an underground room in the center of the shrine. Once you enter the shrine, you will land in this lower area behind the shrine and find Nonno in the bushes there. Once you start talking to her, she will say that she has been found, then disappear and start a game of Hide and Seek.

When she disappears, you can use the vines on the nearby wall to climb out of the room. However, because Nonno will appear closer to the teleportation point, it is easier to teleport out. Starting from the waypoint, Nonno will appear directly to the east close to a toppled column of the ruin, once again hidden in some bushes.

After that, Nonno will appear behind the shrine, approaching an inactive storm stone. From her last hiding place, you can move directly to the Perch, a tree to the northeast of the shrine, and you will see her under the stone ledge of the ruin.

Her next location is near the southernmost point of the shrine’s island. You should go down the road to the shrine, and she will hide behind a tree by the river, just east of the crumbling pillars of the path to the shrine.

The last position was behind Perch, and along this road back to the shrine will reveal the tree in the distance behind it, where Nonno was waiting to say goodbye. At this time, she was ready to cross over, and "Golden Man" told her it’s time to go, she would not be alone.

To show her gratitude to you, she left you an Exquisite Chest with 20 Primogems and 30,000 Mora. You will also gain 150 EXP. After completing the quest, you can talk to Boatman again and send them away.

Although the fog on the island has dissipated, you still have more puzzles waiting for you to solve. On the way to explore, MMOWTS will always accompany you. And as the game content becomes richer, you can come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with heroes or weapons you like. Because as new heroes continue to join, MMOWTS will also provide Genshin Impact Accounts with something new.

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