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ACNH: Happy Home Paradise DLC and 2.0 Update Will Change Your Daily Routines Thoroughly
Oct 25, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

On November 5th, ACNH will usher in 2 DLCs, a large number of new content will completely change the way you enjoy remote islands. The first is a free update, offering new activities such as cooking and farming, while Happy Home Paradise is a paid DLC and unlocks a whole new area. So ACNH seems ambitious about returning to its original popular status.

ACNH has often been complained by many players about the lack of new content in the past year, which has led to more and more players choosing to leave the game. Therefore, developers also realize that it is time to make changes. Now the 2.0 update and Happy Home Paradise will meet the needs of players.

One of the exciting parts is that players can easily earn ACNH Bells through the Turnip market, thereby repaying Tom Nook's debt. The rest is decorating the island with themed items. But in the long run, it is impossible to rely on these to bring players fresh, so the upcoming DLC will completely change the way the game you played.

Redesign villager homes

In Happy Home Paradise DLC, you will be hired as the interior decorator of the vacation house of the island residents. You will meet the villagers and NPCs in ACNH and use the required items, customer input, and creative licensing to recreate the required theme.

Villagers who get along well can even live together and blend styles, and you can even please two residents at the same time in the same living space. The vacation home mechanic will also provide you with a certain level of guidance.

Daily activities will different

Happy Home Paradise DLC will provide a new job that you visit every day, which may limit your daily progress. Exploring new islands, climates, decorations, and architecture will change your daily priorities.

New islands and villagers

New characters like Quinn the Eagle and Cephalobot the robotic octopus may become the latest popular villagers. In addition, the free update will bring back Kapp’n, and you can travel with him by spending 1000 Nook Miles at the same price as the standard Mystery Island tours.

Once the new content arrives, you can come to MMOWTS to buy ACNH Items you need in the game, from Bundles to any KK Slider song, as long as you need, MMOWTS can provide the corresponding goodies. And you can also You can find ACNH Bells discount coupons in the coupon center of MMOWTS. As Halloween approaches, MMOWTS will launch more discounts, so stay tuned.

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