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Genshin Impact: Summit Shaper Guide

Genshin Impact's highly anticipated 1.5 Patch is coming soon, and fans are preparing for it. The new patch will bring a lot of content to the game, which includes new event quests, new characters, and new weapons. Zhongli's banner will also return, the protagonists are Diona, Yanfei, and Noelle. Finally, Summit Sharper will be summonable along with Memory of Dust and Lithic Spear as part of the weapon rerun banner.

Summit Shaper is a very coveted 5-star weapon. Fans will fight for it in the upcoming patch. If you are also interested in it, you need to know some details about it.

When will the Summit Shaper Banner drop?

Version 1.5 will be released on April 28, The Epitome Invocation banner featuring Summit Shaper will appear. The banner running time has not been confirmed, but it is expected to last 2-3 weeks. There are a total of 7 weapons in the banner, 4 of which are new event-specific weapons, and the remaining 3 are already in the game.

All the boosted weapons:

* Summit Shaper - 5 Star

* The Memory of Dust - 5 Star

* Lithic Blade - 4 Star

* Lithic Spear - 4 Star

* The Flute - 4 Star

* Eye of Perception - 4 Star

* Sacrificial Bow - 4 Star

Summit Sharper Stats

* Base Attack - 46

* Secondary Stat - ATK 10.8%

* Perk - Golden Majesty: Increase shield strength by 20%. The attack on the enemy is increased by 4% (8% at max LVL) for 8 seconds. This passive type can be stacked up to 5 times.

* Ascension Materials:

Hunters Sacrificial Knife

Luminous Sands from Guyun

Damaged Mask

In addition, every upgrade requires Mora. The higher the ascension, the higher the grade of Sacrificial Knives, so you need to go hunting in Fatui often.

Summit Shaper is very suitable for Geo characters because they can use its shielding attribute. However, so far, only Albedo is a user of Geo sword. In addition to him, you can also run Keqing to try Electro element base build and use Summit Shaper. This is an offensive build with strong attack power.

With the arrival of the 1.5 update, MMOWTS will update more relevant news and game guides.

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