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Genshin Impact: The Best Character Builds For Xiangling - A Brilliant Pyro User
Nov 05, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

Xiangling is one of many Pyro users. As mentioned in our previous article, she can provide Diluc with good Pyro support. If you have her and Diluc at the same time, then your fire-team will be very strong.

As a Pyro user, she can cause fire-based damage to multiple targets at once. She also likes food, so she is definitely the best character for cooking food in the game. For her builds, you should equip her with Artifacts and Weapons that can increase damage output.

How to get Xiangling?

Currently, you can get Xiangling for free in Genshin Impact. But you need to unlock Spiral Abyss and pass Chamber 3, Floor 3.

In addition, you can get her through the gacha pull Wish system.

About Xiangling

Her Normal Attacks can hit 5 enemies in a row.

Her Elemental Skill can summon a panda called "Guoba" to deal with AOE damage.

Her Elemental Burst can summon a fiery cyclone to clear the enemies at once.

So, based on the above characteristics, you should look for artifacts and weapons that can increase her SPD, ATK and Elemental stats.

Best Artifacts

For her, the best artifact is Gladiator's Finale, which can increase her attack by 18%. If she is equipped with four pieces, her Normal Attacks will increase by 35%.

Lavawalker Artifacts is also a good choice. If Xiangling is equipped with 2 of them, her Pyro RES can increase by 40%. If equipped with 4, the damage caused by pyro to the enemy can increase by 35%. It depends on whether you want to increase her Pyro DMG or Normal Attack damage. Of course, both methods are very useful.

Best Weapons

Xiangling uses polearms, so the best weapon is the 5-star Skyward Spine. It can increase the critical strike by 8%, the Normal attack SPD by 12%, and can trigger a 40% attack AOE damage. This is perfect, but it is also very difficult to obtain.

Therefore, Crescent Pike is a more common weapon. When Xiangling picks up Elemental Orbs, it can increase Normal and Charge Attacks by 20%.

If you can equip her with the correct builds, she will definitely become the backbone of your team! If you have not obtained a weapon suitable for her in the game, you can choose to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with 5-star weapons on MMOWTS. After all, because the low pull rate makes many players feel annoyed, so before Mihoyo changes the pull rate, a good way is to buy some Genshin Impact Accounts. If you are worried about the risk of buying, then we 100% guarantee you that all Genshin Impact Accounts for sale on MMOWTS are completely legal and made by real people. If you are still skeptical, you can check our customer reviews, Those are enough to prove that we are not liars.

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