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Genshin Impact: These Things You May Want To Know About Xiao
Feb 25, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Regardless of whether you have gotten Xiao, it is undeniable that he is one of the most popular heroes right now. There is no denying that Xiao is the best character in DPS, just like Diluc, Ganyu, Childe, and Klee. As one of the newest members in the Genshin Impact DPS pool, it is time to introduce Xiao appropriately. It turns out that this quiet and mysterious Adepti has many secrets. Here are some little-known things about Xiao:

He Requires Qinxin Flower

For players, it is very tangled whether to prepare for Xiao or Ganyu. Because their ascension material is Qinyin Flower. The process of obtaining this flower is very difficult because they are both located on the top of the mountain. To make matters worse, their banners succeed each other, which means that if you own Ganyu, you may not have additional Qinxin flower for Xiao. But Xiao is Ganyu's mentor, and they can share the flowers lore-wise.

His former boss is Zhongli

Zhongli is the one who rescued Xiao from a cruel Adepti fate. He has always been the deity and protector of Liyue, and he has maintained it well. Zhongli is Xiao's boss. As Morax, he is the one who formed Yakshas to fight against the demons in Liyue. As for the other four Yakshas, they didn't get good ends.

His favorite food is Almond Tofu

Every hero has his own favorite food. For Xiao, Almond Tofu is his favorite, and is called "Sweet Dream" by him.

He has the highest base ATK

In the beta test of Genshin Impact, Xiao was considered a powerful character. Although the developers made adjustments to him later, he was still very strong. He has the highest base ATK.

He eats snow

Although Xiao is more than two thousand years old, he still has some cute habits - he eats snow. Because he once said, "Once the snow is thick enough, we can eat it." Given his stern personality, this should be true.

Venti’s music can make Xiao sane

Since Xiao ate too many nightmares and killed too many demons, he has been haunted by the violence of the past. This also implies that Xiao might go crazy or die like other Yakshas. However, in the character cutscene, Xiao listens to Venti playing the Dihua flute. Some people speculate that if it weren't for Venti's soothing music, Xiao might have succumbed to his karmic burden.

These are some things about Xiao. Although he has a stern personality, these little things also let us see a different Xiao. If you have not obtained him yet, you can buy Genshin Impact Accounts with him from MMOWTS.

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