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Genshin Impact: Two Characters That Will Appear In 1.5 Update Have Been Leaked
Mar 17, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Recently, news about the 1.5 version has been leaked, and the most-watched of them are the two upcoming characters - Eula and Yanfei. One of them seems to have accumulated a lot of popularity, which means that there will be more related news leaking in the future. 

Before the new version is released, there are always a lot of related rumors spreading. Earlier, Xiao is one of the most anticipated characters, because he has appeared in the closed beta before. Then Hu Tao was welcomed by players again. She is a powerful polearm wielder of Pyro. Now, with the Hu Tao banner coming to an end, fans are looking forward to the next surprising role.

Next, you can look forward to Eula, a new Cryo claymore character, and also a Pyro catalyst wielder called Yanfei. According to rumors, Eula will be a 5-star character and Yanfei will be a 4-star hero.


Eula is also known as Spindrift Knight. Like Kaeya and Albedo, she is the Captain of the Knight of Favonius. Eula is the descendant of the ancient nobles and the leader of the Reconnaissance company.


Yanfei is from Liyue and currently serves as a legal advisor in the harbor. It is said that her blood is mixed with an illuminated beast. It is a bit similar to Ganyu.

Although these are rumors for now, based on previous experience, they are likely to be reliable. Once they are officially confirmed, Yanfei will be the first 4-star Pyro character to use a catalyst, and Eula will become the first 5-star Cryo hero to use claymore as a weapon.

The way that Genshin Impact can keep fans fresh is through regular updates. It can not only maintain the number of fans but also attract more new players. This is why Genshin Impact has been popular.

As for more related news, you can check them out on MMOWTS, because MMOWTS will frequently update Genshin Impact-related news and game guides.

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