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ACNH: Which Villagers Will Appear In Build-A-Bear
Mar 16, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

ACNH is only several days away from its first anniversary, and this game is still a huge success for Nintendo. It currently has many fans all over the world. As its popularity increases, cooperation with other games will also bring fans some new gaming experiences. Nintendo’s Super Mario and ACNH collaborated to hold a 35th-anniversary event, and players also received corresponding themed items. This brings a different new experience to players. Now, another cross-play cooperation is coming again, and Build-a-bear confirmed that it will cooperate with ACNH. More details are still confidential, but we hope to see the following villagers during this crossover.


In ACNH, some villagers are more popular than others, so if they can become the protagonist in the crossover between ACNH and Build-a-bear, they should be loved by fans.

Since the advent of Pocket Camp, Raymond has been the most popular character in the game, and most players are attracted by his smug personality and cute appearance. Considering his popularity, he is likely to become a stuffed animal in Build-a-bear. Other popular cat villagers may also join, including Ankha, Bob, Felicity, Kid Cat, Mitze, and Monique.

In addition to the cat villagers, other popular characters will also have the opportunity to appear in the Build-a-bear crossover. Villagers like Judy, Merengue, and Stitches will make cute stuffed toys because they have rich colors and unique character designs. Other villagers with ACNH features include Marshal, Chevre, Coco, Diana, Flurry, and Megan.


If possible, some ACNH NPCs appearing in Build-a-bear would be even better. In multiple updates of the game, players will often interact with these characters, some of which have also become unofficial mascots of the ACNH series. Tom Nook and Isabelle are two key roles. Besides, if Timmy and Tommy Nook, Reese and Cyrus, etc. can appear, it is also very interesting. At this point, there are endless possibilities.

As for more details, ACNH will also reveal later, and MMOWTS will frequently update relevant news in time.

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