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Genshin Impact: Update 2.3 Will Extend The Sacred Sakura Tree Level Limit

The Genshin Impact update has introduced a brand new region of Inazuma, and each new region has a new Statue of The Seven. These statues have a variety of features, including teleporting, healing, and discovering new parts of the map.

Collect and submit the Electroculus to the statue, also known as the Sacred Sakura Tree in the Inazuma area, and you can get valuable rewards. In addition, the new map update seems to bring extra benefits. Recently, a leaker revealed that the Sacred Sakura level will be extended from 40 to 50.

In Mondstadt and Liyue, submitting Oculus can provide a Stamina increase, which is one of the main reasons why players want to collect them as soon as possible. However, collecting Electroculus in Inazuma did not affect Stamina, but let you get precious Primogems. There seems to be no change to the remaining 10 levels, except that the Primogems gems will be exchanged for Intertwined Fates.

Version 2.3 will also bring multiple additions, especially in the game's character roster. 2 limited banners Albedo and Itto, and a brand new 4-star character, Gorou.

Albedo, Gorou, and Itto may be a strong team with Itto as the main DPS, and the other two will play support roles. Having a group of characters using the same Vision is generally considered bad, but due to the unique elemental reaction Crystalize, it actually works with Geo, independent of all other elements. Coupled with powerful Geo characters like Zhongli, this team is likely to become one of the strongest teams in the game because they can break through any type of elemental shield.

So, once 2.3 comes, Itto may be one of the most popular characters. If you want to get him as soon as possible, you can directly come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with him, so that you can jump into the new content faster.

As for Albedo, MMOWTS has provided his Genshin Impact Accounts since he first appeared in the game, so if you are a customer of MMOWTS, maybe you already have him.

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