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Genshin Impact: What we know so far about Version 3.0
Jul 23, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

For loyal fans of Genshin Impact, every update is not to be missed, so leaks about new content in Genshin Impact are always very welcome. Among them, Version 3.0, which will bring a major update, occupies a very important position, and the content of this version will cause extensive discussion in the fan community.

For now, combined with some solid leaks and a trailer released by Hoyoverse, it's clear how exciting Version 3.0 is. According to the fixed release rules of Genshin Impact, we will usher in the release of Version 3.0 around August 24th.

1. Explore the new Sumeru region.

At the beginning of the current Version 2.8 release, we were able to see an area with lush vegetation, pirate islands and jungle temples in its trailer. As mentioned in the storyline preview of the Teyvat chapter, Sumeru is a desert and rainforest region where players can experience new interactions and Arabian touches.

2. The introduction of new Dendro elements.

Dendro means "tree" in Greek, and as the final piece in the elemental mechanics, it brings more than just new combat modes and corresponding characters. It will connect and react with all the elements we know now, so players can get more strategic play.

The elemental reaction we know so far is Burning, which leads to a small range of Pyro DMGs.

3. New characters and storylines.

New elements will inevitably bring corresponding new roles. The Hoyoverse has revealed the new Dendro character Collei, who will meet us as a playable character in 3.0.

In addition, we will also see a large alliance of villains, Eleven Fatui Harbingers, from which more storylines and content will be extended.

4. Character banners that are known to appear.

According to a reliable leak, we'll see Electro merchant Dori, the Dendro archer Collei and the Dendro ranger Tighnari. At that time, players will go crazy again because of wishing. If you want to get them faster and become powerful Genshin Impact Accounts, you can also get help at MMOWTS.

MMOWTS is committed to bringing you the latest gaming news, and you can always visit us for premium service.

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