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D2R Ladder: Gear Recommendations for Blessed Hammer Paladin
Jul 22, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

It's been three months since Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 1 started, and from the distribution of classes, Sorceress and Paladin are still come out on top. After looking at the metadata and the existing situation of players, Blessed Hammer Paladin is the most suitable Paladin build to achieve improvement in Ladder.

The Blessed Hammer Paladin is considered to be one of the best Ladder builds, not only because of its high damage output and fast movement speed but also because of its ability to select equipment according to players' budgets. But it's worth noting that Blessed Hammer Paladin's gear options can get expensive if you want to build better stats and effects.

Blessed Hammer Paladin is named after the fact that Blessed Hammer is the main attack skill, which is the core of this build. So players need to focus the gear on the attribute of increasing the casting speed because it can bring more damage to Hammer. So, we can turn our attention to Wizardspike which can bring a 50% Faster Cast Rate. If combined with Spirit Runeword, it will bring a considerable 75% casting speed bonus. Moreover, the budget of Spirit Runeword is very low. Players with plenty of time can cultivate a combination of Tal+Thul+Ort+Amn, while busy players can buy Spirit Runeword and other D2R Ladder Items on MMOWTS for a small price.

If you want better boss damage in the mid to late game, you can also choose Heart of the Oak Runeword and Herald of Zakarum Shield. Heart of the Oak Runeword gives a higher cast speed bonus than Spirit Runeword. But correspondingly, better results correspond to higher budgets.

Choosing your gear wisely may help you accelerate at any stage of Ladder Season 1, and if you're struggling to reach level 99, you can find more useful information and services on MMOWTS.

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