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D2R Ladder: Endgame Leveling Strategy
Jul 21, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

With Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder Season 1 running, we are also entering the mid to late game. Depending on the massive balance adjustments made in Patch 2.4, each class has different strengths and spawns a lot of builds. After three months of training, I have also summarized relevant experience for the competitive mode of Ladder.

As players move into high-level Ladder environments, the way the game progresses will tend to be consistent. The primary factors for class requirements are strong boss damage and high target removal speed and AOE damage. According to Diablo Three Person Party Strategy of Diablo's full-time author SKULM, if you want to continue to upgrade in Endgame, you need to pay attention to the matching degree of monster level and your ability.

For a level 97 Ladder leveling, it might be a better idea to start by defeating the Baal Throne monster, which brings faster experience and value than fighting Diablo or Nihlathak.

For Ladder players who reached level 98, beating Diablo, Nihlathak and Baal are more cost-effective. Because even after completing all 5 throne waves, the total gain can only reach 11k experience. But if three people cooperate to kill P8 Diablo, each person will get about 35k XP; if two people cooperate, each person will get 43k XP; if one player kills P7 or P8 Diablo, you can get an exclusive contract of 54k XP.

So this has extremely high requirements for boss damage, and builds like Lightning Fury/Charged Strike Javazon is the best choice, and its excellent boss kill ability can mask her poor FCR frame rate. Of course, players can also make up for this defect through different D2R Ladder Items such as Runewords, to quickly reach level 99 in the advanced Ladder.

MMOWTS is committed to bringing you more Diablo II: Resurrected Ladder news and services to help you speed up your Ladder progress in the last month and reach level 99 as soon as possible.

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