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Genshin Impact: Where To Find Crystal Marrow?

Crystal Marrow is a specialty of Inazuma, so it is not easy for you to find them, as they can only be found in certain places. It not only looks fascinating, but also has great usage. It is a material used to improve certain characters, so now collecting as many of them as possible will be beneficial to you.

Before, Crystal Marrow was useless. Now Sayu has appeared. It has become a resource that Sayu uses in all stages of her level-up Ascension. MMOWTS will detail the locations of Crystal Marrow in Inazuma.

Where to find Crystal Marrow?

Farm Crystal Marrow is relatively simple because they are mainly concentrated in the center of Yashiori Island and the western of Kujou Encampment area in Kannazuka. As standard procedures process the ore items scattered in Teyvat, Crystal Marrow tends to germinate around rocky outcrops.

Similar to other ore items, Crystal Marrow takes a few days to respawn in the real world. Currently, travelers have no way to generate their Crystal, so if you want to collect more, you have to wait patiently.

Below is the location of each Crystal Marrow.

What is the use of Crystal Marrow?

Sayu needs Crystal Marrow for her level-up Ascension all the time, and 40-60 chunks in her later stages. In addition, Crystal Marrow has another use. Inazuma's world quests need more ore, such as Chouji near Jakotsu Mine, whose quest chain unlocks a secret achievement of Inazuma.

And future playable characters may also need Crystal Marrow, so it is necessary to store some of them in advance. MMOWTS will provide more Genshin Impact guides, and the 2.1 Update will also arrive at the end of August, when MMOWTS will also provide more Genshin Impact Accounts with new heroes. As for the new heroes in the current version, Ayaka and Yoimiya, you can now buy Genshin Impact Accounts with them on MMOWTS!

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