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Genshin Impact: Where To Get The Parametric Transformer?

Recently, Mihoyo continues to innovate very interesting content for Genshin Impact. With the continuous development of the game, more and more items appeared, and they all ensured the gameplay.

One of them is the Parametric Transformer, which was introduced in the release of Patch 1.3 in February. The advantages of this artifact have proven to be very useful, and the big value is waiting for players who use this new artifact correctly. So MMOWTS will introduce the details of this artifact and show you how to deploy this Parametric Transformer.

Where to get Parametric Transformer?

You can get the artifact via the "Tianqiu Treasure Trail" quest. This quest was provided by Lan, the Branch Master of Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue, and you can find it next to Katheryne’s reception area. In addition, your Adventure Rank needs to reach 31.

How to use it?

This artifact is used to combine upgrade materials to obtain new materials. Once the mission is completed, you can find this transformer in your inventory. After selection, it can be displayed on any part of the map so you can interact with it.

Once activated, you can select the materials you want to exchange. The rarer the material you choose, the higher the rewards you will get. The Parametric Transformer takes common or rare items up to the value of 150 points. It then transforms these items into 5 to 10 bundles of items.

You need an elemental attack to charge the Parametric Transmitter, so you need to use a hero with a catalyst. Note that the Genshin Impact artifact can only be used once a week.


* Mora

* Character EXP Material

* Weapon Enhancement Materials

* Character Ascension Materials

* Talent Level-Up Materials

* Weapon Ascension Materials

In subsequent games, this Parametric Transformer will have incredible relevance. Since Parametric Transformer is widely searched by Genshin Impact fans lately, if you are also looking for relevant information, this article is exactly what you need to read. Subscribe to MMOWTS, you will see more hot topics of Genshin Impact here.

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